What Feel Da Bounce offers? Attend workshops with the best choreographers and dance legends. You can watch or compete in battles against great free-stylers’ in hip hop, house dance, break-dance and choreography contest in creativity of urban movement.  Chilin on the beach, taking intensives hip hop classes, enjoying parties and amazing atmosphere with the best dancers in the most beautiful island in the middle of Mediterranean sea. Breathing like before a real underground atmosphere.

The project “Feel da Bounce”, was created with the aim of promoting education in dance, music, study and tourism in Sardinia. Therefore, through interaction with productive activities, accommodation and cultural centers located in places of interest will be satisfied with a goal of promoting culture and traditions, but also one that provides for cooperation between local stakeholders with a view to network. This is because we believe that the exchange and cooperation can produce economic and cultural growth.

Why Feel da Bounce? FEEL DA BOUNCE is the biggest International event in Sardinia dedicated to urban dances. Therefore become a reference point for the dance, and in this case for the hip hop community. Over the five  previous events, Internationally renowned artists have come and gone in the spotlight promoting cultural development and over 800 dancers, whose age is one covered by a range that goes from 6 to 30 years old. Therefore, in addition to human interaction fostered by the encounter of different nationalities and generations, the massive involvement of the public has produced a form of awareness with respect to the art of dance.

Our intent is that our event is a happening where there will be judges and foreign teachers renowned INTERNATIONAL who will bring and attract people from different countries to come and have the same opportunity and experience like dancers islanders to confront different cultures. This is also a way to promote Sardinia as an island so that young people from all over the World will be able to visit well known beautiful beaches and the wonders of the island, thus creating an intercultural exchange and unforgettable experience of the study of sound, competition and art.