Record your entry of 1 minute maximum on the tracks we give you; you will find them below at the end of the rules;
Upload it on Instagram and put the following tags:
@feeldabounce @suosclothing #feeldawebounce #feeldabounce #suosclothing #fdwbreaking Music by @djuragun @zapy_prod @sologasrecordz
@feeldabounce @suosclothing #feeldawebounce #feeldabounce #suosclothing #fdwbhiphop Music by @pathwayoshidenti aka Da Shaman
@feeldabounce @suosclothing #feeldawebounce #feeldabounce #suosclothing #fdwbtrash
After the first pre-selection videos, the jury will choose the Top 8, after that, will continue to make Quarter, Semifinal and Final always using the music indicated below. We will send you an email with instructions
The first video must be uploaded on Instagram no later than midnight on Saturday 09th of May.
It will not be possible to make a complain even if only one of the above rules is not respected; The judgment of the jury will be unquestionable, first of all because we are doing it with a different spirit from any other Battle: JUST FOR FUN, BUT WITH A GOOD AWARD !!!
Use each track from the beginning (or where indicated by the exact minute), do not modify it in any way and tag our Music Creators as indicated to thank them for their work.